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Longer lasting balanced energy

Low-acid mushroom coffee, which combines craft roasted organic coffee
& organic fungi extract, that gives you enduring energy.

More Conscious, healthy, happy and “hygge” way to drink your favourite drinks.

Mushroom Coffee with Less Acidity & No Jitters

No Coffee, No Prana!

Famously saying by the founder of Ashtanga Yoga, Pattabhi Jois.
We serve you low-acid mushroom coffee, that gives you ideal lifeforce!

Rå Hygge coffee gives me a sustained calm powerful energy

It has become part of my daily ritual and its beautiful mushroom power
has sparked a new direction in my work - Jator Pierre, HōL HEALING

Start you day with a truly balanced cup of coffee

Less Acidity & No Jitters

Our secret recipe - low-acid after treatment has made it possible to enjoy coffee as whole bean or filter just as you normally would drink it

If you're a real Coffee drinker & love the "Coffee Experience" + medicinal Mushroom benefits, don't fool around with "Instant Mushroom Coffees" that are weak, watered down & tasteless. You want the full/rich flavor of freshly brewed Coffee! Our Coffees come from organic farms in South America, which ensure high quality & ethical practices.


"Delicious and life-changing. This is my first taste of mushroom coffee and I am so delighted. I was worried about the taste, but it’s absolutely delicious and there is no mushroom taste. I’m so much more focused and I don’t have the coffee lows. Thank you for making this product. I’m a customer for life now!"

— Froggiesmooch

"GOOD flavor! I LOVE this coffee. Great way to get away from the traditional store-bought brands. The flavor is great, I feel great when I drink it. It's a little pricey, but worth it..”

— Catherine

"I LOVE the flavor, but I also love how it makes me feel. My creative juices bound and I receive long sustained calm powerful energy while I'm drinking it. It has become part of my daily ritual and its beautiful mushroom power has sparked a new direction in my work."

— Jator Pierre

"Perfection. It is a very smooth, but rich taste. And the smell is heavenly. It reminds me of the coffee from my favorite cafe."

— Alisa

"It has a really great flavor. I can't say I taste mushroom in it which is absolutely fine with me. It gives me added energy without the shakiness I would normally get with regular coffee. I definitely will be buying more."

— Amazon Addict in the making!

"This is really great coffee, it is full and bold in taste. I use about half of what’s recommended. The benefit of that is it lasts much longer!"

— Rev