Coffee and Sports Endurance

Coffee and Sports Endurance

Athletes all over the world drink coffee as a natural stimulant, no matter their level. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that affects concentration, endurance along with determining the body's energy usage.

So what is the golden timeline? Is there even one? Well, drinking a cup of coffee three or more hours before a workout session can help deter your body from using muscle glycogen and instead to use fat as the primary fuel source. This means that your body can workout for longer while producing a stronger power output. 

The first 15 minutes of your workout is vital to how things turn out, and while many people may opt out of a longer session due to muscle aches or low energy levels, this seems to be the solution. 

However, caffeine is a drug and your body responds accordingly. The phrase “little is more” is 100% true here and studies have shown that 1-3 cups of coffee is beneficial in lowering heart rate during sub-maximal workouts (such as swimming, jogging, or cycling!)

Even the olympic committee reacts to caffeine like any other external stimulant for athlete performance, having a ban that disqualifies a competitor should they exceed a urinary limit of 12mg/ml. Approximately 600-800mg of caffeine (4-7 cups) over a thirty minute period. 

Caffeine hits your bloodstream after 15 minutes, but reaches its highest levels after around an hour, and has a stimulant effect on the brain that improves function in the prefrontal lobe. This is where you may see improved concentration, planning, attention span and memory!

Coffee really is there for you from beginning to end.

Not only helping level your energy and increase memory skills, it can also play a role in recovery time for athletes. A study of coffee consuming male weightlifters, in America, showed results of shorter recovery times and improved post workout muscle soreness. 

Coffee in moderation can help us all, from walking around the park everyday to competing at the greatest sporting competitions in the world. 

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