Frequently asked questions

What is "hygge"?

Conscious Hygge, Health, and Happiness are our summarized vision of healthy eating and drinking. Our tasty organic low-acid coffee with functional mushroom extracts is our unique creation, which helps you say goodbye to the jitters usually associated with caffeine. Instead, you can enjoy a balanced boost with sustained energy.

We have created a method in our roastery for coffee blends with less acidity so that even those sensitive to caffeine could enjoy the hygge of coffee as whole beans or filter coffee. We take our mission for healthier comfort foods seriously and cannot wait to offer you more tasty hygge foods.

Any coffee maker restrictions?

My machine recommends against flavored coffee due to deposits in the grinder and brew unit. Would this be considered that?

Answer: Depending on the quality of the grinder, there may be differences in how sensitive the machinery is to any alterations to the whole bean. We have a coating on the whole beans, so if yours is not a "Peugeot" type of grinding (mechanical), it might react to it. In this case, go for a pre-ground Rå Hygge blend.

If you want an espresso ground, we recommend getting the beans fine ground at your coffee store.

How do I brew and serve the coffee?

Just prepare your Rå Hygge coffee just like you would prepare any regular coffee, depending on the type of brew you have. Our selection includes whole beans or filter ground for plunger jug ​​or pour-over. Lion's Mane and Reishi are lighter roasts; some prefer a slightly higher dosage for a more pungent taste.

It all depends on your personal coffee preference, so we strongly recommend experimenting until you find a flavor that fits your tastebuds.