Is your coffee too acidic?

Is your coffee too acidic?

There’s a long list of things that you can look out for to ensure your coffee is the healthiest option for you. Good coffee provides potent antioxidants that support your immune system and while most store bought coffee is acidic or can contain more than what is just good for you.

Not all coffee is created equal, lucky for you Rå Hygge has that good coffee without all the bad side effects. 

There are many effects that can linger in your body after even a single cup of coffee, and too many times those are ignored with the phrase “I must have had one cup too many today”. We want to help you. 

Coffee is 46 times richer in antioxidants then beer and 7.2 times more than green tea. Our coffee is blended with medical mushrooms that have a purpose to help you be more balanced and energised. It does so while working with your body naturally to balance your digestive hormone levels and make your morning cup of coffee more enjoyable without you having to worry about all those nasty side effects that make you stress even before you brew in the morning. 

Here at Rå Hygge, we blend sustainably cultured Peruvian coffee beans with medicinal mushroom extracts which are then coated to balance out the pH level closer the the neutral level around 7. On average store bought coffees range around 4.8, much closer to the 5.5 pH level at which your teeth start to decay. 

Our coffee is not only sustainable and good for your immune system but we work to make sure your digestive system loves it too! 

When you are looking for your coffee here is a checklist to ensure you buy what is best for you:
  • Low-acid and rich with 4 - 46X more immune system-boosting antioxidants than other common beverages
  • Non-GMO, single-origin, USDA-certified organic coffee
  • pH test proven to be up to 27.7% less acidic than common store-bought coffees (stomach friendly and teeth friendly)
  • Shade-grown; sun-dried high in the mountains of Central America
  • Farmers are paid above market prices for their pesticide-free, chemical-free, pure antioxidant-rich coffee
  • 3rd party tested for mycotoxins + 200 other toxins
  • No lines, no rationing, fresh roasted - delivered directly to your door
      Or, you can check out our bundle packages, ensuring you get the best choices delivered right to your door :)
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