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WELCOME to “Rå Hygge” a Nordic based community brand. It is not important how you choose to pronounce or spell “hygge” [ˈhygə], as it is more of a feeling than a word. Some say it is a feeling of togetherness and atmosphere - of home. Coffee is considered the nr. 1 product associated with hygge. Hygge is a positive feeling which we would like to spread worldwide and being part of the region who drink most coffee per capita in the world, what better way to spread hygge, than with a better cup of coffee for both people and planet. 

Our vision is to offer products, which we all love to consume on a daily basis, combining them with some of the most vitalizing and super charged ingredients. (thus the “Rå” part of the brand name). We aim to offer better choices for both people and planet for a healthier and happier future for our mother earth and all of us living of her grace. 



Here at Rå Hygge all our products are designed to be the optimal balance of gourmet taste and being the best for both your body and mind. Balance is a feeling of calmness and stability wrapped up into one. 

We work to give you that balance in your diet! Everyone has a need for balance in their lives, and we want to help you feel ready to take on your day, every day. 





Each one of Rå Hygge's coffee’s is designed to provide you with a boost that will pour energy and health from your coffee machine to your cup of coffee. We want not only to provide each and every one of you with coffee that will be easy on your body but also a coffee that is tasty and helps bring a little extra to your day.

Our mushroom extracts are integrated with our coffee beans to provide that boost that not only helps you wake up but also helps you keep going all day, every day!





Our aim is to work for you, and with you, so that we can provide the best products and service for you each and every time. We want you to be a part of our Rå Hygge family! 

While we focus on preparing the best medicinal mushroom coffee for you, we want you to focus on the mindful and conscientious product we offer. We aim not only to provide you with a cup of coffee that tastes good but a cup of coffee that allows you to be your best.





We take pride in our craft and selection of high quality ingredients and believe deeply in our process here at Rå Hygge. We are creating something that goes beyond just a tasty organic product.

We are working to provide each and every member of our Rå Hygge family with a coffee that allows them to be comfortable, balanced, focused, energized and have peace of mind that they can trust their coffee.