Rå hygge mushroom coffee in a ceramic cup in a breafast setting.

About Rå Hygge

“Rå Hygge” is a Nordic wellness brand that creates organic health food products with vitalizing, natural ingredients. It was founded in 2013 by Copenhagen-based, Finnish coffee and health entrepreneur Irina Sandberg.

How you pronounce or spell “hygge” [ˈhygə] is not important, as it's more a feeling than a word. Some say it's a feeling of togetherness and atmosphere - of home.

Mushroom coffee = ultimate hygge

We think coffee is the ultimate hygge product. With all Rå Hygge low-acid mushroom coffees, our aim is to offer a positive hygge feeling and a balanced sense of energy for all coffee lovers. Even and particularly those sensitive to caffeine.

Based in the Nordic region where more coffee is consumed per capita than anywhere else in the world, we feel we know its' hygge potential intimately. Especially when you carefully combine organic craft-roasted coffee with incredible functional mushrooms for even more coffee moment magic.

Rå Hygge for the wellness of people and the planet

At Rå Hygge we work with small organic coffee farmer co-operatives in Peru. We have our very own coffee roastery in Southern Sweden. This seals our aim to create gourmet mushroom coffee blends so that you can enjoy a better cup of coffee for people and the planet.

Our vision is to create food products we all love to consume daily, upgrading them with some of the most vitalizing and supercharged ingredients (thus the “Rå” [i.e. raw] part of the brand name).

It's about creating a healthier and happier future for our precious Mother Earth and all of us living in her grace.


At Rå Hygge, we meticulously craft our food products to blend gourmet flavors and optimal nutrition, ensuring a balanced experience for both your body and mind. Balance is a feeling of calmness and stability. Everyone seeks balance in their lives, and we want to help you feel calm and ready to take on your day - every day.


Each Rå Hygge mushroom coffee blend is designed to deliver a sustained, calm energy boost from your coffee machine to your cup. It is a boost that is easy on the body and a treat to the taste buds, with a little extra added to your day.

Our low-acid coffee beans are infused with organic mushroom extracts and provide a unique, balanced boost. One that helps you wake up gently and that keeps you calmly going all day.


We focus on creating truly unique, inspiring, functional mushroom products that your body and mind would choose. Our aim is to work for you and with you so that we can provide the best mindful products and conscientious service for you each and every time. Rå Hygge is about keeping you focused.


We take pride in the purity of our craft and high-quality ingredients. We believe deeply in our own process here at Rå Hygge. We create something more than just a tasty organic product.

Rå Hygge exists to provide all coffee lovers with a unique range of pure low-acid mushroom coffee blends that allow them to be comfortable, balanced, focused, and energized. It is a coffee brand you can trust.