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Tremella Mushroom Coffee Filter ground 227 g / 8 oz

Tremella Mushroom Coffee Filter ground 227 g / 8 oz

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Medium-dark roasted low-acid coffee with Tremella and Maitake

Organic gourmet coffee with a rich, full-bodied taste. Nutty notes of almond and a delightful earthy aroma.

Perfect as stronger filter coffee or espresso. Enjoy twice a day for a sustained feeling of calm energy. Jitter-free, gentle on the tummy low-acid coffee enjoyment.

Start the day with a beautiful, glowing tone! We think of our Tremella mushroom coffee as a superb beauty blend and for a good reason.

Tremella mushroom coffee acidity level

The acidity level of the Tremella coffee blend is as low as pH 6.0 (most regular coffees are around 4.0-5.0*), thanks to our gentle, patented after-roast treatment of the coffee beans.

The two functional mushrooms help to further lower the acidity level in the coffee, complementing the experience with other benefits associated with functional mushrooms. 

The detailed taste profile of Tremella mushroom coffee

Our aim with our gourmet mushroom coffees is to create a harmonious balance between the inherent flavors of the coffee beans and the nuanced taste of the mushrooms. What sets the Rå Hygge mushroom coffees apart is a layered and complex taste profile in each blend that doesn't overpower the natural flavors of the coffee but rather adds depth and richness to the overall drinking experience. 

Tremella is valued for its ability to add a silkiness or smoothness to the coffee while Maitake offers an earthy and slightly nutty flavor profile, adding to the complexity.

Organic Peruvian coffee beans offer a well-balanced taste profile characterized by moderate acidity, medium body, and a range of flavor notes that can include chocolatey, nutty, fruity, and floral undertones. The mushrooms add subtle umami or herbal undertones contributing to the overall taste profile, introducing a unique and distinctive flavor note that differs from regular coffee. 

Coffee beans from small farmers in Peru, roasted in Sweden.

Roasted in small batches at our own craft coffee roastery in Southern Sweden using Arabica coffee beans bought directly from small organic farmer cooperatives in Peru.


Organic Arabica coffee (98%), organic Tremella dual extract (Tremella fuciformis) (1%) & organic Maitake dual extract (Grifola frondosa)(1%), (2%: 4540 mg per package).

Recommended dosage:
Measure 14 grams of Tremella coffee for one cup of low-acid mushroom coffee, whether pour-over, filter, or French Press, or 7g for a single shot of espresso. We recommend two to four cups per day.

227 g / 8 oz. 16 cups per bag for filter (32 shots of single espresso).
Our Tremella mushroom coffee is also available as whole beans or espresso ground.


*In coffee, while acidity in taste refers to the perceived sensory experience, pH acidity represents the actual chemical acidity measured. A low pH value means a higher acidity level, for example, pure water is neutral with a pH of 7.

The lower the acidity level in coffee, measured by pH, the more your body will appreciate a more balanced boost generated by a cup of coffee. In other words, low-acid coffee can be a preferable choice for people sensitive to high acidity in coffee or those seeking a gentler option for their digestive system.

Our Guarantee

We take pride in our craft and selection of high-quality organic ingredients & offer a guarantee on all of our products.


We strive to deliver within 2-3 business days and 5-7 business days outside Denmark.

  • Vegan
  • Energizing
  • Gluten free
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Enduring energy and balancing boosts as the extract helps to balance the effect of the caffeine. The mushrooms are Aadaptogens and are not treatments or cures. Still, they are unique in their ability to enhance the body’s natural defense mechanisms against the stresses of daily life to support health. Adaptogens work in synergy with normal bodily processes without any severe side effects. The mushrooms also contribute to lower acidity. In addition, we do a natural after-treatment of the roasted coffee beans, increasing the pH of the coffee from around 5,0 (or even as low as 4,3 in regular coffee) to around 6,0.

  • Vegan

    Elevate your morning brew with our mushroom extract.

  • Non GMO

    Gentle on the stomach and balanced flavor.

  • Low acid

    Deliciously compassionate vegan coffee.

  • Mushroom extracts

    Purely natural with confidence.

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What our customers say

"The most flavorful and smooth coffee!
Out of all the coffee I've tried over the years, no one holds a candle to Rå Hygge's coffee. The flavor is perfect, smooth
, and not acidic, plus the added benefits from the mushrooms are a nice bonus.
I enjoy it so much that I have it shipped to me in the US since Amazon no longer carries it. The added fees are worth it!"
- Jennifer & Brian S.

Frequently asked questions

What is "hygge"?

Conscious Hygge, Health, and Happiness are our summarized vision of healthy eating and drinking. Our tasty organic low-acid coffee with functional mushroom extracts is our unique creation, which helps you say goodbye to the jitters usually associated with caffeine. Instead, you can enjoy a balanced boost with sustained energy. We have created a method in our roastery for coffee blends with less acidity so that even those sensitive to caffeine could enjoy the hygge of coffee as whole beans or filter coffee. We take our mission for healthier comfort foods seriously and cannot wait to offer you more tasty hygge foods.

Any coffee maker restrictions?

My machine recommends against flavored coffee due to deposits in the grinder and brew unit, would this be considered that?

Answer: Depending on the quality of the grinder, there may be differences in how sensitive the machinery is to any alterations to the whole bean. We have a coating on the whole beans, so if yours is not a "Peugeot" type of grinding (mechanical), it might react to it. In this case, go for a pre-ground Rå Hygge blend.

If you want an espresso ground, we recommend getting the beans fine ground at your coffee store.

How do I brew and serve the coffee?

Just prepare your Rå Hygge coffee just like you would prepare any regular coffee, depending on the type of brew you have. Our selection includes whole beans or filter ground for plunger jug ​​or pour-over. Lion's Mane and Reishi are lighter roasts; some prefer a slightly higher dosage for a more pungent taste. It all depends on your personal coffee preference, so we strongly recommend experimenting until you find a flavor that fits your tastebuds.


Quality exstracts

We take pride in offering this low-acid mushroom coffee, which combines craft-roasted organic coffee with organic fungi extract. Our extract is double extracted for the higher nutritional value of polyphenols and triterpenes. The full-bodied flavor is not affected - on the contrary, it adds to it – resembling an umami effect.

All extracts are not equal: RåHygge uses some of the highest Purity Mushroom Extracts available, with High 30% Polysaccharides + 3% Tripenes content (stuff you want). Only derived from organic, fruiting bodies ( Chaga: wild-grown). When mushroom coffee shopping, remember that some brands use an inferior 10% Polysaccharides + 1% Tripenes extract, ours being 3 times more potent! This makes our 284mg of Extract equivalent to 852 mg.