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Have you tried coffee with ionized water?

Coffee is acidic based, 4.85 - 5.10 on the pH scale. However, it is rich in antioxidants. You deserve the best coffee experience, and while our medicinal mushroom extracts help fight off the crazy rush and crash felt when drinking traditional coffee there is also ionized water.  Ionized water, an alkaline, that has a pH level of 8 - 10 can help to balance an acidic substance to neutral when the mix is right.  Ionized water promotes a good acid-base in your body, helping to regulate your body’s natural pH level to around 7; the neutral level for the pH scale.  Both coffee and ionized water yield an extremely high level of antioxidants; a litre of ionized water has the equivalent to what is found in 265 apples. Antioxidants fight free radicals in your body, which are chemically unstable molecules that through oxygenation destroy other substances in your body.  Using ionized water with your coffee not only means it is easier on your stomach, but it also allows for a richer flavour from your coffee beans after brewing. You can read more about the uses of ionized water here on the Chanson website: