What is the problem?

What is the problem?

Coffee is a daily indulgence for most of us. Yet, how many of us can actually blissfully enjoy our coffee every day?

We at Rå Hygge don’t want to take your coffee from you. Instead, we want to offer you something that gives you peace of mind while drinking your balanced cup of our medicinal mushroom coffee. 

Now, while there is no golden number that tells us exactly how much coffee your body can handle over a day or a week, we can tell you that there is a moderate caffeine intake that can help decrease your stress levels.

Our medicinal mushroom coffee helps counteract many caffeine side effects, including those stress levels! 15% of Danes suffer from acid reflux. However, we want to show them that there are still ways to enjoy their morning and afternoon cup of coffee. 

Coffee has become more than a drink; it is a habit, a favorite; in some places, to the young generations, it is a right of passage to adulthood.  

Our medicinal mushroom extracts, when mixed with your coffee, allow for a more balanced and conscientious cup of coffee that may be perfect for you.

Why not give it a go?

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