More than just coffee

More than just coffee

Are you sensitive to caffeine? Has your doctor told you to limit your coffee intake for health reasons? Whether your answer is yes or no, we want to help you! 

Coffee is more than just a morning drink, and we expect our first sip to be just as enjoyable as the last. There is a culture among drinking coffee, and we want to make it something that not only helps the positive development of coffee culture but also balances out those health downsides to the world's favorite hot beverage. 

Take your traditional cup of joe and add a health boost. 

Our mushroom coffee will let you enjoy your daily cup of coffee without the rollercoaster rush and crash. We choose organic extracts and work hard to find the right balance - even when the wild-grown chaga organic certified tries to hide from us!


We want to make this easy for you, and that is why, even though the process of producing the extracts is long and detailed the way you make your coffee will stay the same. The mushroom extract is water soluble, mixed in with the coffee beans so that you don't have to change how you make your coffee - just step it up!

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