Hygge: How to get started

Hygge: How to get started

There is a calmness that we all look for at the end of a long day at school or work, or with the kids, or just from running around all day. Now, we here at RåHygge have the perfect product for you, our mushroom coffee, but nothing can beat that hyggelige feeling. 

Not only is Hygge one of the best things about the Nordics, but it's also super accessible to everybody. It truly is about creating somewhere that is warm and welcoming, relaxing and cozy.

Hygge is anything you want it to be: it could be sharing coffee with your friends in front of the fire or wrapped up in big thick blankets. It could be hiking through the forest with your dog, and of course a cup of RåHygge Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee in the morning. 

Hygge is the warm hug you never knew you needed until now! 

It’s all about simplicity, “it is the art of enjoying the small things in life” - Danishmom.com

So, everything from the candles to the coffee to the people, we’ve got you covered with more than just our coffee.

  1. First off let's find your designated cozy Hyggelige corner
  2. Brew your favourite blend of Rå Hygge coffee 
  3. Wear your warmest, comfiest loungewear (Don’t forget sunglasses to beat that spring sunshine 🌞) 
  4. Grab the candles and blankets 
  5. Now is time for you to unwind - grab a book, or your best friends for an outdoor brunch and shut off the world around you. 
  6. Take your time, brew a second cup of coffee maybe, enjoy the peace that you feel 
  7. Embrace the hygge aim of focus and balance. 
  8. Do everything one thing at a time, put away your phone and just sit on your comfy chair and drink your coffee while you watch the rain fall against the window or the kids running around laughing in the yard 
  9. Most of all, just be. However, and wherever you want or need. Hygge is about you, your family, your friends, the things that matter most. 

There are a million ways to enjoy this feeling so beloved by Scandinavians but there is only one you. Therefore, there are only another million ways you can learn to enjoy Hygge! We hope that this guide helps you get started.

Whether you wish to enjoy that warm hyggelige feeling surrounded by everyone you love, or your pets or whether you want to get away from everyone and everything we are here for you! And so is our refreshing, gourmet mushroom coffee designed to help you feel balanced and energized for whatever lies ahead!

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