About the Journey

About the Journey

We are a Nordic company - a region in the world that drinks an average of 9.9 kg of coffee yearly, per capita.

Traditional coffee not only stimulates an addiction due to a need to rid consumers of the crash they feel after that caffeine rush but may also be acidic to our bodies. We want to help you enjoy your coffee without having to worry about either of those things - while also being sustainable. 

We make coffee that not only tastes as good as gourmet coffee tastes today, but it also doesn't harm your body or the environment or affect the coffee bean farmers. 

That is why we want to introduce you to our Mushroom Coffee

Untraditional? Maybe. Amazing? Yes!

We use medicinal mushrooms that can assist in reducing the stress response of caffeine. Plants, like these medicinal mushrooms, have “adaptogens.” Adaptogens subside the side effects of traditional coffee, such as sped-up heart rates, adrenaline levels, and gastric acidity. Our mushroom coffee includes these adaptogens which work to help the inner biochemistry work optimally. It works with your body to manage and adapt the response to caffeine side effects in super tasty products! 

Our mushroom coffee works with and for you while keeping that rich taste the world loves and creating that umami effect!

We are introducing a range of flavored coffee beans mixed with medical mushrooms to lift and balance your everyday coffee experience. 

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